Vram (video random access memory) definition

VRAM (Video RAM) is a specific type of RAM (Random Access Memory) that is used in graphics processing units (GPUs) for computers. Dedicated graphics cards for computers have their own RAM that is separate from the RAM of the computer they are installed on which is reserved for memory functions pertaining khổng lồ display and graphics. Different graphics cards have different amounts of VRAM. The general rule of thumb is that the more VRAM a graphics thẻ has, the better it is since more VRAM means a graphics card can handle more graphics and display operations at the same time.

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Since how much VRAM a graphics thẻ has plays a major role in determining just how good a graphics card is, almost every computer user with a dedicated graphics thẻ wants khổng lồ know how much đoạn phim RAM their GPU has. Thankfully, doing this is a piece of cake, even on Windows 10 – the lathử nghiệm and greatest version of the Windows Operating System. On Windows 10, a user can go about checking how much VRAM they have on their computer using two different ways – one of them is a pretty straightforward process involving nothing apart from built-in system utilities, whereas the other uses a third-buổi tiệc nhỏ application that is capable of doing a lot more than just telling you how much VRAM your graphics card has. To kiểm tra how much VRAM a Windows 10 computer has, you can use one of the following methods:

Method 1: Using Display settings

All a Windows 10 user needs to do is go inlớn their Display settings &, provided that they know exactly where to go next, they’ll be able khổng lồ find out exactly how much VRAM their computer has. To use this method to kiểm tra how much VRAM your graphics thẻ has, you need to:

Press the Windows Logo key on your keyboard khổng lồ open the Start Menu.Type display and press Enter.In the left pane of the screen that opens up, cliông xã on Display under the System section. At the bottom of the page after the Multiple displays section, cliông xã on Display adapter properties. Doing so will open a window containing information on your display adapter (which is just another name for your computer’s graphics card). The amount of VRAM your computer’s graphics card has will be listed next to Dedicated Video Memory: under the Adapter Information section. Once you’re done checking how much đoạn phim RAM your computer has, simply click on OK lớn cchiến bại the Properties window.

Method 2: Using CPU-Z 

Windows 10 users can also use a third-các buổi tiệc nhỏ application known as CPU-Z lớn check exactly how much video clip RAM their computer has. CPU-Z, however, is good for a lot more than just checking how much VRAM a graphics card has – it can read a GPU’s genes & display every bit và piece of information it can find relating khổng lồ it (from its entire model number lớn its current running temperature and even when it was manufactured). In addition, CPU-Z is also not limited khổng lồ a computer graphics card – it even gets the scoop on all other important hardware such as the CPU, the computer’s RAM, và its cooling fans. To use CPU-Z to kiểm tra how much đoạn phim RAM your computer has, simply:

Install CPU-Z và then run it.Wait for CPU-Z lớn detect your computer’s graphics thẻ. Once it does so, navigate to the Graphics tab và you will see all of the information it managed lớn find regarding your GPU, including how much Dedicated Video Memory or VRAM it has.

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Method 3: Using DxDiag

Not many people know about it but there is a built-in tool in Windows where you can kiểm tra your Computer’s Specifications và get to know about your Computer a bit more. It’s known as DxDiagDxDiag is an official Microsoft tool that allows you khổng lồ view system information & DirectX information relating to your video card and sound thẻ. For using this tool you will have sầu to lớn follow these steps:-

Press and hold the Windows + R keys together, type “DxDiag” without quotes in the dialogue box, and press Enter.Now head over lớn the Display tab present at the top of the screen. Here underneath the Device table, you will be able to see all the details of the graphics thẻ on your computer. As you can see in the example below, the graphics card belongs khổng lồ the Hãng Intel UHD series which is part of the default thẻ in Hãng Intel processors.Once you’re done checking how much VRAM your computer has, simply click on OK to lớn cđại bại the DxDiag window.
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How to Cheông chồng How Much VRAM You Have on Windows 10

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