Translators without borders

In humanitarian response, field workers must communicate important, sometimes life-saving information khổng lồ those in need. In many cases, the critical link khổng lồ ensuring affected people understvà is the interpreter. However, too often, that links is broken, either because concepts bởi vì not translate well into lớn the target language or because the interpreter does not have sầu the tools to lớn understand the concepts clearly.

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TWB Glossaries are a tool lớn assist humanitarian field workers and interpreters working on responses across the globe. They ayên ổn khổng lồ improve sầu communication between aid workers and communities by providing clear và accurate translations of humanitarian terms in an easy-accessible offline format. With the built-in audio feature, you can also hear the words spoken aloud.


The TWB Glossaries provide a number of benefits. They standardize ways of translating and interpreting important concepts and terms, providing consistent, accurate, và easily understood words in local languages. They also help interpreters feel confident in their work & give sầu the field worker confidence that the person with whom they are trying khổng lồ communicate does fully understand.

TWB Glossaries cover subject areas that are relevant lớn affected communities in a variety of humanitarian responses. Themes include protection; housing, lvà, and property rights; và water, sanitation và hygiene (WASH). They were developed in collaboration with technical specialists và language partners.

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mở cửa for use by the entire humanitarian community, the glossaries are dynamic và can be expanded over time to include more terminology, subjects, và languages.

How do I use the Glossary app?

This is a ‘progressive web app’. You need a điện thoại thông minh or computer to lớn use it. If you add the web tiện ích lớn your trang chủ screen, you will also be able lớn use it offline (not currently supported on Apple devices).

In the thực đơn on the left, select the domain in which you are interested.In the All tên miền, you can search for the word you want. You can also sort the glossary alphabetically by tapping a language name at the top.To view glossary entries that are truncated, rotate your phone into lớn landscape format.Tap a word khổng lồ open it and press the ‘play’ button khổng lồ hear that word spoken in any of the five sầu languages.

If you are a language or sector specialist và would lượt thích to contribute, please get in touch. To contribute, phản hồi, or liên hệ us on any of these issues please write to , mentioning ‘TWB Glossaries’ in the subject field.

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