Sequential Là Gì

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Thirdly, we could have sầu used other criteria for the inclusion of independent variables inlớn sequentially higher levels of regression analysis.
There is evidence khổng lồ suggest that forms transcribed as simultaneous or sequentially ordered oral and laryngeal gestures may in fact represent unreleased plosive sầu forms.
Next, it sequentially engages these candidates, in utility-ranked order, in argumentative negotiation, where offers & counteroffers are exchanged.
To maintain an adequate subject khổng lồ variable ratio, analyses were conducted sequentially considering infant behaviors first, & then maternal behaviors.
Therefore, each of links orientations is sequentially determined from the endeffector toward the base by optimizing multi-criteria.
Dream experiences are indeed multi-modal, but they are not sequentially coordinated và therefore cannot be simulations of real experience.
The teaching/ learning steps were prescriptive và in fixed the language sequentially arranged between these two points.
Rather, magma accumulated sequentially at a rate & temperature that precluded complete cooling or complete melting.
This experiment also demonstrates the sensitivity of sequentially competitive code to lớn certain kiến thiết decisions in parallelization.
Because images were presented sequentially in the same position on the screen, position-dependent chromatic errors in each pair of images were the same.
Since life histories contain sequentially ordered data on behavior, context, và meaning, they address many of the theoretical & methodological concerns identified above.
The remaining three beams are split into lớn six beams và are amplified sequentially again in the main amplifier.
The laser beam is divided inlớn three beams và delayed each other by the splitters, and which is amplified by the double-pass preamplifier sequentially.

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In the first phase questionnaires were mailed sequentially in batches of 200 -300 to lớn all eligible women on the lists of five sầu primary care practices.
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khổng lồ agree with and give encouragement lớn someone or something because you want hlặng, her, or it lớn succeed

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