Revolutionary Là Gì

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a revolutionary sản phẩm, process, or idea is new and exciting & not lượt thích anything that has existed or been done before:
Instead, it was a series of ad hoc measures implemented in a struggle to lớn prevent chaos và khổng lồ stop revolutionary turmoil.
Artificial intelligence promised a revolutionary approach khổng lồ assisting or automating thiết kế processes, separate from other computational systems.
Projects begun in southern universities on revolutionary republicanism in the 1960s & 1970s were, in some instances, delayed for decades or abandoned altogether.
Virtually all countries have sầu experimented with l& rekhung in different guises, from the piecemeal to lớn the revolutionary, with varying degrees of success.
Đánh Giá 145 argues that each offers the possibility for developing an oppositional consciousness that has the power lớn ultimately produce a revolutionary imagination.
Ordinary people had little understanding of or interest in the arcane complexities of revolutionary intrigue.
How are the main issues surveyed by the author contested and configured by the state and the revolutionary elite itself?

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Beyond this, the failed offensive sầu identifies opposite interests within revolutionary nationalism on both sides of the border.
Unlượt thích its partial, secretive sầu & often arbitrary old regime counterpart, revolutionary law was both systematic, universal và transparent.
The second section of the volume deals with personalities, covering the major leaders of the revolutionary period.





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