1  adj Someone who is poor has very little money và few possessions., (Antonym: rich) The reason our schools cannot afford better teachers is because people here are poor..., He was one of thirteen children from a poor family.    The poor are people who are poor., n-plural the N Even the poor have their pride.  

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2  adj 
The people in a poor country or area have sầu very little money & few possessions., (Antonym: rich) Many countries in the Third World are as poor as they have sầu ever been., ...a settlement house for children in a poor neighborhood.  
3  adj You use poor khổng lồ express your sympathy for someone. ADJ n  (feelings) I feel sorry for that poor child..., Poor chaphe was killed in an air crash...  
4  adj 
If you describe something as poor, you mean that it is of a low chất lượng or standard or that it is in bad condition. The flat was in a poor state of repair..., The wine was poor.  ♦ poorly  adv ADV -ed, ADV after v Some are living in poorly built dormitories, even in tents...  
5  adj 
If you describe an amount, rate, or number as poor, you mean that it is less than expected or less than is considered reasonable. ...poor wages và working conditions.  ♦ poorly  adv ADV -ed, ADV after v (=badly) During the first week, the evening meetings were poorly attended...  

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6  adj 
You use poor to describe someone who is not very skilful in a particular activity. usu ADJ n, also v-link ADJ at -ing/n He was a poor actor..., Hospitals are poor at collecting information.  ♦ poorly  adv ADV after v That is the fact of Hungarian footballthey can play very well or very poorly.  
7  adj 
If something is poor in a particular unique or substance, it contains very little of the unique or substance. v-liên kết ADJ in n ...soil that is poor in zinch.  
piss-poor  If you describe something as piss-poor, you think it is of extremely poor quality.  (BRIT) INFORMAL, RUDE  adj ...a piss-poor comedy directed by John Landis.  
poor relation 
  (poor relations plural )If you describe one thing as a poor relationof another, you mean that it is similar lớn or part of the other thing, but is considered khổng lồ be inferior to lớn it.  n-count usu N of n Watercolour still seems somehow khổng lồ be the poor relation of oil painting.  

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