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Do you like to play tag?When was laser tag invented?How bởi you play paintball?

Today’s Wonder of the Day was inspired by Mikaela. Mikaela Wonders, “How old is the game Tag?” Thanks for WONDERing with us, Mikaela!

What bởi you lượt thích khổng lồ do at recess? Play soccer? Maybe basketball? Perhaps you prefer lớn swing or ride the merry-go-round. Or maybe you và a group of friends enjoy playing one of the simplest & oldest games of all time. What are we talking about? Tag, of course!

Tag is a popular playground game that"s enjoyed by children all around the world. Depending upon where it"s being played, it goes by many different names other than tag, including tip, tiông xã, tig, tiggy, dobby, it, & chasey, lớn name just a few!

If you"ve sầu ever played tag, you know the basics. One or more players chase the other players, trying to lớn tag them by touching them with their fingers. When a player is tagged, he or she becomes “it" & begins khổng lồ chase the other players khổng lồ tag someone else.

One of the great things about tag is that it is so easy khổng lồ play. It doesn"t require teams. There"s no equipment lớn worry about. You don"t have sầu to keep score. All you need are a few players & enough energy khổng lồ run around!

Of course, simple games can be made much more complicated by adding special rules. There are many variations of tag played around the world. For example, some games of tag feature a place — called a base — where a player can be safe from being tagged. Base can be a certain spot, or it can also be any time a player is touching a certain type of item, such as wood, iron, or stone.

Some tag players choose to play by certain rules, such as no tag-backs. This means that, if you"re tagged, you can"t immediately tag the person who just tagged you. Instead, you have lớn tag someone else. The game can be as simple or as complicated as you want it khổng lồ be. Just make sure everyone agrees khổng lồ và understands any special rules you use.

Some forms of tag are even popular with teens and adults. For example, since 1984, many people have sầu learned to love the sport of laser tag. In laser tag, players score points by tagging targets with targeting devices that emit infrared waves. These devices often look lượt thích ray guns from science fiction movies.

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tia laze tag developed from a system the United States Army created for combat training. Today, laser tag is played outdoors, as well as in indoor arenas that feature all sorts of interesting places khổng lồ hide và explore.

Since laser tag doesn"t use any sort of physical projectiles, it"s less painful và physically demanding than another popular modern form of tag: paintball. Paintball players use devices — called paintball markers — lớn propel small capsules known as paintballs at other players.

Paintballs are made of a gelatin shell that surrounds a water-soluble dye inside. When it hits another player, it bursts open and marks them, so it"s easy khổng lồ tell when a player has been tagged. The first paintball markers were pistols that ranchers used khổng lồ mark trees & livestochồng.

Paintball has become very popular in both outdoor & indoor locations. It does require special equipment, including special safety equipment. Getting hit by a paintball can certainly sting, so make sure you"re up for the challenge before playing paintball!

Try It Out

Are you ready to play tag? Get a group of friends và family members together & try one of these fun variations on the classic game:

Ghost in the Graveyard: This fun variation on classic tag is best played at night. One person starts out as the ghost and a trang chủ base is chosen. The other players count lớn 12 (midnight!) while the ghost hides. When the count of 12 is reached, the players tìm kiếm for the ghost & shout "ghost in the graveyard!" if & when they spot the ghost…or when the ghost jumps out of hiding to lớn tag someone. The players then try to lớn run back to home base before being tagged by the ghost. When someone is tagged, he or she becomes the new ghost and play is repeated.

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Flashlight Tag: Flashlight tag is another fun game khổng lồ play at night. Instead of touching someone lớn tag them, you simply shine a light on them when you see them. To make sure you really tagged someone, some versions of the game require the "it" player to lớn Call out the name of the person being tagged by the light.Duchồng, Duông chồng, Goose: A good game of Duchồng, Duông chồng, Goose can get everyone in a great mood in a hurry. Just gather your friends together in a circle, facing inward. One player walks around the circle, tapping each player while saying "duck" after each tap. At some point, that player will tap a person and điện thoại tư vấn out "goose!" The "goose" then has lớn jump up và race around the circle in the opposite direction, trying to lớn beat the other player to lớn the open spot in the circle.

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