Meltdown là gì

an extremely dangerous situation in a nuclear power station in which the nuclear fuel becomes very hot & melts through its container và escapes inkhổng lồ the environment

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an occasion when a person becomes extremely upmix & is not able lớn deal with a problem or situation
a situation in which an industry, economy, etc. is badly affected by a lot of problems within a short period of time:
Analysts were watching for signs of a meltdown following problems at three of Wall Street"s major investment banks.

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a meltdown in sth A meltdown in the mortgage industry has made it more difficult lớn get a loan or khổng lồ refinance.
a meltdown of sth The two officials are expected to lớn help develop a plan to lớn prsự kiện a meltdown of the county"s finances.
After a brief, tough period in the wake of the financial meltdown, our publication is thriving, và it remains in good hands.
There are constant aftershocks, new tsunami warnings và apparently we"re about to lớn have a nuclear meltdown.
Their unique sensors make the bug-catcher planes uniquely suited to lớn another alarming task: monitoring the effects of an accidental nuclear meltdown.
Safety và protection systems failed & there was a full core meltdown in a reactor that had no containment.
Years before the meltdown, bankers were reaping exorbitant profits from irresponsible mortgage lending and even concealed the high risks at stake.
When the history of the 21st century is written, the financial meltdown that began in 2007 is bound to lớn receive plenty of scrutiny.
In that engine"s core, where temperatures reach 5,000 degrees, liquid fuel circulates in carefully machined channels to lớn prsự kiện a meltdown.
Prosecuting those that caused the financial meltdown và continue khổng lồ benefit from laông xã of proper banking regulation.
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