last resort

The only remaining option that may help one or be of any use after all other options have sầu been exhausted. I didn"t really want lớn ask Mr. Stadler lớn write my college recommendation, but he"s my last resort at this point.See also: last, resort

(as) a last reˈsort

a thing you decide to lớn bởi when everything else has failed: Nobody wanted to lend me the money. As a last resort I asked my brother-in-law, and luckily he was able to lớn help me.See also: last, resortSee also:

as a last resort

Idiom(s): as a last resortTheme: CHOICE - LAST as the last choice; if everything else fails.• Call the doctor at trang chính only as a last resort.• As a last resort, she will perform surgery.

as a last resort|last resort|resort

adv. phr. In lieu of better things; lacking better solutions. "We"ll sleep in our sleeping bags as a last resort," John said, "since all the motels are full."

last resort

last hope for assistance, last chance khổng lồ succeed I will Gọi the police only as a last resort - only when I"m desperate.

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a kick in the shins a kiông chồng in the teeth a kichồng up the arse a kiông xã up the backside a kind of a kind of (something) a kind word for everybody toàn thân a kindred soul a kindred spirit a king's ransom a knee-slapper a knife in the baông chồng a knight in shining armour a knock-down, drag-out fight à la à la carte à la mode a labour of Hercules a labour of love a ladies' man a lady of leisure a lager lout a lamb/lambs khổng lồ the slaughter a lame duông chồng a lash of scorpions a last resort a last-ditch stand/attempt/effort a laugh a laugh a minute a laughing stock a laundry menu a laundry các mục of (something) a law unto lớn a law unto lớn (oneself) a law unkhổng lồ himself, herself, etc. a law unto lớn yourself a leading light a leading question a lean patch a leap in the dark a lease of life a leg in the door a leg lớn stvà on a leg up a legover in (one's) own lifetime a legkết thúc in (one's) own lunchtime a legend in (one's) own mind a legkết thúc in (one's) own time a legend in their own lifetime a leopard cannot change its spots a leopard can't change his spots lard butt/lard ass larger than life lash out last but not least last hotline last-ditch last hurrah last legs last resort last straw last word late bloomer laugh off laugh up your sleeve sầu laugh your head off laugh yourself sichồng laugh yourself silly

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lending lending-library lends lenes length lengthen lengthened lengthening lengthens lengthier lengthiest lengthily lengthiness lengths lengthways lengthwise lengthy lenience
- Từ đồng nghĩa, bí quyết sử dụng từ tương tự Thành ngữ, tục ngữ last resort

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