a toy in the shape of a tube, that you look through khổng lồ see different patterns of light made by pieces of coloured glass & mirrors

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a tube-shaped device containing loose pieces of colored glass or plastic and mirrors which reflect changing patterns as the tube is turned
The kaleidoscope fractures the vision of a single object or scene into lớn a multitude of different but interrelated forms of the same.
Such an" investigation" table might include a selection from cogs, clocks, a plug, a kaleidoscope, spoons, magnets, a glass stopper, an old radio và weights.
Use a kaleidoscope of chords: chords of five different combinations superimposed, then change the order of the superimposition.
The individual pieces contain such rich material that we are presented with a kaleidoscope of family life.
The archaeological evidence is a kaleidoscope of numerous activities which differ from one area to the next through time.
Playing around with the simple, constitutive elements, as with a kaleidoscope, he achieved each time new variations & permutations.
A production scheme that did not require any absolute positioning of the toàn thân và plays euphonic music to match the beautiful kaleidoscope images was chosen.

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Output đầu ra from the đoạn phim camera feeds inkhổng lồ both the kaleidoscope subsystem and the vision-to-music subsystem.
The cuts are played forward or backward and at extreme transpositions making a continuous kaleidoscope of sonic fragments.
In many ways, the patterns displayed are so varied that it resembles an urban kaleidoscope both chronologically & spatially.
From a policy-making perspective, the kaleidoscope of different approaches can be confusing & potentially misleading.
The two major examples of animations are a kaleidoscope program (like some screen savers) & a rudimentary version of paddleball.





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