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Those whose disease required greater surveillance and restriction would question and occasionally chạy thử instructions from their physicians as a means of proving their normality và invincibility.
Let us not replace one myth by another, the myth of invincibility and omnicompetence by another of impotence and irrelevance.
Judges began lớn express concern about his invincibility in court & recent researches have indicated that his inflexible dogmatism led to lớn miscarriages of justice.
Once the robot recovers, it enters rebirth mode & will experience a brief period of invincibility.
In the case of invincibility is nearly always granted as a temporary bonus, because otherwise it negates the challenge of the game.
Crash can collect up to lớn two masks for two extra hits of damage, with an additional mask granting hyên temporary invincibility.
He had become incredibly arrogant and was unable lớn see past his own pride and belief in his invincibility.
The 2nd player looks like player 1 (red), but in a frozen flashing state based on the invincibility potion (green).
By contrast, invincibility or invulnerability is a usually temporary instance of this effect, obtainable in games with it as a power-up.
These deadly techniques (or "ougi") act as the character"s type of musou in this game, allowing limited invincibility and massively damaging a target.

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These effects range from increased attacking power, health restoration, or even temporary invincibility.
In each episode, the two teams participate in a challenge, in which one or more campers can win invincibility for their team.
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