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improvement on/over sth It is unlikely that the current year will see any improvement on the $2.19bn net profit achieved in the year khổng lồ June.
We incline to lớn think that the latter change, in contrast khổng lồ the former, represents a cognitive sầu improvement in our condition.
The behaviorally oriented intervention produced significant reductions in coercive parenting and improvements in positive parenting.
Experiments evaluating the effects of isoproteronol on tissue removed from the heart at surgery demonstrated initial inhibition of contraction with improvements over time.
These improvements in the outcome of pregnancy, nonetheless, concomitantly increase the genetic risk in the surviving population.
Technology facilitates aspects of our teaching environment and practice that make these improvements possible.
It is supposed that these improvements of clinical symptoms are based on inhibition of vasoconstriction & platelet aggregation in pulmonary circulation.
These improvements could also complement và even enhance the benefits of drugs that help with the symptoms of dementia.

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Participants in both intervention & control groups showed significant improvement in mood symptoms over time.
Differential improvements in schizophrenia symptoms & relapse rates (hospitalization) observed in subjects on olanzapine can partially explain current findings.
Alternatively, a manualized và structured therapy may have brought about more improvement or a therapy using a different theoretical orientation.
Moreover, the researchers observed that improvement in attentional skills tended khổng lồ be associated with a reduction in aggression & higher sociability.





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