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implication /,impli"keiʃn/ danh từ sự lôi cuốn vào; sự liên can, sự bám líu; ngụ ý, điều ngụ ý; điều gợi ýwhat are the implications of this statement?: đều ngụ ý của lời tulặng ba này là vắt nào? (số nhiều) dục tình mật thiết (từ hãn hữu,nghĩa hiếm) sự bện lại, sự tết lại, sự xoắn lại
Lĩnh vực: toán và tinphxay kéo theohệ quảngụ ýphnghiền vớ suyformal implication: phxay vớ suy hình thứcmaterial implication: phxay tất suy thực chấtstrict implication: phnghiền vớ suy ngặtstrong implication: phnghiền tất suy mạnhsự bao hàmsự kéo theoimplication of events: sự kéo theo các sự kiệnlàm việc nếu-thìLĩnh vực: toán thù và tinđội tất suysự suy raLĩnh vực: xây dựngsự liên canfinancial implication: sự liên tưởng tà chínhsự thu hút vàoconditional implicationlàm việc nếu-thìimplication operationphxay toán thù bao hàmimplication operationphép toán suy ra


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Từ điển Collocation

implication noun

1 possible effect/result

ADJ. considerable, crucial, enormous, important, major, massive sầu, svào | main | deeper, fundamental, profound | broad, far-reaching, wider discussing the broader implications of the medical plan | full Now they realized the full implications of the new system. | direct | clear, obvious | underlying | general | further | possible, potential | future, long-term | grave sầu, serious | disturbing, frightening, ominous, sinister | adverse, damaging, negative sầu | interesting | radical, revolutionary | practical These results have sầu important practical implications. | commercial, constitutional, economic, educational, environmental, ethical, financial, ideological, legal, moral, philosophical, political, psychological, social the constitutional implications of a royal divorce | cost, health, policy, resource, safety, security, tax

VERB + IMPLICATION carry, have The emphasis on testing leads khổng lồ greater bít tất tay aao ước students and carries implications of failure. | grasp, realize, underst& | assess, consider, examine, explore, ponder, study You need lớn consider the legal implications before you publish anything. | digest | discuss | explain | accept a society that fully accepts the implications of disability | reject | ignore

IMPLICATION + VERB arise Several interesting implications arise from these developments. | be involved Given the resource implications involved, the plan will have to lớn be scaled down.

PREP.. ~ about disturbing implications about the company"s future | ~ for The research has far-reaching implications for medicine as a whole.

2 sth suggested but not said openly

ADJ. clear, obvious The implication is clear: young females bởi vì better if they mate with a new male. | possible His remark seemed lớn have sầu various possible implications. | unspoken

VERB + IMPLICATION carry, have sầu | underst& | digest Brian paused for a moment while he digested the implications of this statement. | resent I resent the implication that I don"t care about my father.

PREPhường. by ~ In refusing lớn believe our story, he is saying by implication that we are lying.

Từ điển WordNet


an accusation that brings inkhổng lồ intimate và usually incriminating connectiomãng cầu relation implicated by virtue of involvement or cthảm bại connection (especially an incriminating involvement)

he was suspected of implication in several robberies

English Synonym và Antonym Dictionary

implicationssyn.: conditional relation deduction entailment import logical implication significance