Genetic Là Gì

belonging or relating khổng lồ genes (= parts of the DNA in cells) received by each animal or plant from its parents:

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relating khổng lồ the biological process by which the characteristics of living things are passed from parents khổng lồ children
Again, in this application the theory simplifies because of lack of a paternal genetic effect on the fruits (tomatoes are almost purely maternal tissue).
Two contrasting dispersal models, one purely diffusive & one stratified, were then chosen to simulate colonization for the two contrasting initial genetic structures.
Probably, in species with a worldwide distribution, genetic changes may occur as populations adapt to new regions.
First, in biological selection, the source of variability is well identified: it is the random mutation of the genetic material, followed by genetic mixing.
Significance values were assigned khổng lồ variance components based on 1000 random permutations of individuals, assuming no genetic structure.
Nurses và physicians can also function as genetic counselors, and clergy and others will also have roles khổng lồ play, albeit limited roles.

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Indeed, lifespan is strongly influenced by reproduction & associated stresses, for which genetic variation has been documented.
These improvements in the outcome of pregnancy, nonetheless, concomitantly increase the genetic risk in the surviving population.
Finally, we investigated the genetic relationship between affective & somatic depressive symptoms.
Analyzing twin resemblance in multisymptom data : genetic applications of a latent class mã sản phẩm for symptoms of conduct disorder in juvenile boys.





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