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BOH and FOH are both common abbreviations used in restaurant jargon. BOH stands for “baông xã of house” và FOH stands for “front of house.”

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FOH (Front-of-House)

Front of house, or FOH, is a quick way of referring to the front part of a restaurant & all the staff who works there, outside the kitchen, such as such as waiters or greeters, hosts, bartenders, barbacks, bussers, food runners, floor managers, và cashiers in restaurants who employ them. It is basically the opposite of back-of-house.

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The term usually means all the public areas of a restaurant, not only including the dining rooms và bar, the front-door area, which may have sầu a space for waiting, và the restrooms. It can simply be thought of as the part of the restaurant that guests see. Although the abbreviation FOH is used in written form, most people bởi vì not use it when speaking, and instead, say “front-of-house.”

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BOH (Back-of-House)

Baông chồng of house, or BOH, is the part of the restaurant that diners don’t see, at least typically. It is the opposite, then, of front-of-house. The BOH includes the kitchen, offices, storage rooms and any other areas hidden from guests. If a restaurant is a show, then the BOH is the back-stage area.

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Back-of-house staff includes anyone who works in the kitchen. This includes not only the chef and sous chef, but prep cooks, line cooks, dishwashers, or any other person who works as part of the kitchen crew, and is not involved in front-of-house operations.

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Effective Communication Between the Front và Baông chồng of House is Key

A quite typical problem in restaurants is a laông xã of communication and animosity between the back-of-house và front-of-house. Often, when things go wrong during busy periods, the FOH blames the BOH, and vice versa. Usually, this comes down lớn a break-down in the lines of communication. Many restaurants use an expeditor to lớn help with this problem. An expeditor is a liaison between the BOH & FOH and works to lớn make sure the plates get out khổng lồ the guests properly và quickly and often performs a final quality check. Often, the expeditor is the executive chef or sous chef. Besides an effective sầu expeditor lớn handle the flow from the kitchen lớn the dining area, restaurants often hold staff meetings including the BOH and the FOH staff, to lớn ensure that the entire house receives the same communication.

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