Flexing Là Gì

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lớn change something slightly lớn make it more suitable for a particular situation; khổng lồ be changed like this:
In keeping the mô tả tìm kiếm of the job as general as possible, a manager can flex the boundaries of that job lớn meet the dynamic challenges of the world around them.

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khổng lồ show that you are very proud or happy about something you have sầu done or something you own, usually in a way that annoys people:
(a length of) wire with a plastic cover used for connecting a piece of electrical equipment to a supply of electricity:
This convertible apartment or flex has had a temporary wall placed in the living room to create a third bedroom.
abbreviation for flexible: used lớn describe arrangements that allow you lớn choose the hours that you work, whether you work in the office or at home, etc.:
Before a flex arrangement can be implemented, both supervisor và employee must fully understvà the arrangement.
khổng lồ work in a way that allows you to lớn choose the times that you work, whether you work in the office or at home page, etc.:
If the elbow is already flexed, the hand is guided around the elbow khổng lồ grasp the fetus" forearm & wrist.
This allows the proximal phalanx lớn flex separately to lớn the other two, wrapping the fingers more around a target object.
The change in strike could be wholly or partly due khổng lồ flexing of the eastern domain boundary about the antisize axis.
As a result, optimized policy in a flex-prices nominal-debt structure entails sizable inflation volatility, but only small movements of the tax rate.
But from the point of view of the mathematician, sort of flexing his mathematical muscles, one would not be so excited.
Furthermore, so-called flex-flex pairs vày not have sầu to be considered in this case, in contrast lớn general higher-order unification.




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