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Our PUBG healing guide contains everything you need khổng lồ know about healing yourself in the game, as well as the differences between healing packs and booster items.

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A Battle Royale game like PUBG is all about survival, & with 99 other people out lớn make sure that you don’t in fact survive, it’s likely that you’ll receive more than just a few scratches.

Health doesn’t automatically regenerate in PUBG, but thankfully there are quite a few ways khổng lồ bring top up your health bar if things vị get a little hairy. Items range all the way from rolls of Bandages and stacks of Energy Drinks that’ll heal you a little, lớn bulky Med Kits that are very hard khổng lồ come by but will completely restore all your HPhường in one use.

Below we’ve sầu put together a guide that’ll take you through how khổng lồ heal yourself, as well as các mục all of the healing items in the game along with their effectiveness.

When you"re done here, make sure you take a look at our enormous PUBG guide as it contains everything you could possibly need to know about the game!


PUBG: How vì I heal myself?

Here’s a breakdown of how you can heal yourself in PUBG.

First you’ll need to lớn piông chồng up a healing item, let’s use Bandages for the purpose of this example.Open up your inventory.Find the Bandages và right cliông xã lớn use them. Each healing cống phẩm has a different cast time và once they’ve sầu elapsed, the healing effect will trigger. Small side khổng lồ side movements won’t disrupt the cast, but purposeful strides will.Default hotkeys 7, 8, 9 và 0 correspond lớn Med Kits, First Aid Kits, Bandages & Booster Items respectively.You can also assign different keys lớn certain healing items in the options thực đơn if you’re on PC.

PUBG: How does the healing system work?

Below we’ve put together an overview of the healing system in PUBG. There’s more to lớn it than meets the eye!

At the bottom of your screen you’ll notice a long Trắng bar - this is your health bar. Take damage from any source và this’ll deplete.Directly above sầu your health bar is the booster bar. You fill this up with specific booster items và it’ll apply different healing buffs.There are three basic health items in PUBG: Bandages, First Aid Kits và Med Kits. These all restore your health bar.There are also three booster items in PUBG: Energy Drinks, Painkillers & Adrenaline Shots. These all increase your booster bar.Fill up your booster bar và it’ll slowly replenish your health over time. The more it’s full, the faster the health regeneration. If it’s maxed out, you’ll also gain a small movement tốc độ boost as well.

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PUBG: Healing & Boost Items

Healing Items List

Bandages - These can be found in stacks of five và are the lowest tier healing cửa nhà in the game. They each have a four second cast time & will regenerate 10 health over seven seconds once applied. However, you can only heal up to lớn a maximum of 75% HP with Bandages.

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First Aid Kit - These take six seconds to lớn cast và will heal you up lớn 75%.Med Kit - The best healing công trình in the game, but one that’s very hard to lớn find. It’s got a lengthy cast time of eight seconds but once complete, it’ll restore you khổng lồ maximum HP.

Booster Items List

Energy Drink - The lowest tier booster available and the one you’ll find most commonly out in the wild. They take four seconds lớn cast và will fill 40% of your booster bar.Painkiller - Painkillers take seven & a half seconds lớn use and fill 60% of your booster bar. They’re a nice upgrade over the Energy Drink.Adrenaline Shot - These are extremely hard lớn come by as they’re only found in Supply Crates. Manage to lớn get your hands on one though và it’ll completely max out your booster bar after a ten second cast time.

Healing: Tips & Tricks

Keeping your health topped up is vital to lớn survival và we’ve put together a few points lớn bear in mind when you’re next fighting it out in Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds.


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You shouldn’t be carrying more than ten or twenty bandages, as this’ll be more than enough khổng lồ heal some minor wounds. Any more and it’ll also take up some serious inventory space which could go towards bigger và better healing items, or weapons & armour.Be wary of hoarding First Aid Kits and Med Kits as they take up some serious space too.Don’t be afraid lớn stochồng up on Boosters as you can never really have enough. They’re especially important in the latter stages of a match as you topping up your booster bar will ensure you’re all buffed up và ready for a showdown.We’d recommover binding your healing items lớn different keys for ease of access. This’ll enable you khổng lồ heal or boost quickly without the need lớn bring up the inventory menu. A streamlined healing process can save you precious seconds in an intense firefight.