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explain /iks”plein/ hễ từ giảng, giảng giải, giải nghĩa giải thích, thanh minhto explain one”s attitude: tỏ bày về thể hiện thái độ của mìnhto explain away phân bua (lời nói bất nhã…) lý giải làm mang đến hết sợ hãi (ma…)giải thích

Word families (Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs): explaining, explanation, explain, unexplained, explanatory, explicable, inexplicable




Từ điển Collocation

explain verb


Bạn đang xem: Explanation là gì

in detail I wrote explaining the issues in great detail. | fully The reasons for the accident have not been fully explained. | adequately, properly, satisfactorily | partly This partly explains why he was so late. | briefly | easily, readily This phenomenon can be easily explained. | clearly | carefully | patiently The doctor explained patiently what the treatment would be. | earnestly | concisely, succinctly, tersely The general principles behind the method used are explained clearly và concisely. ‘We”ve already paid,’ I explained tersely. | awkwardly, lamely | breathlessly, excitedly

VERB + EXPLAIN be able/unable to, can/could I know I”m late, but I can explain why.

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| attempt to, seek to, try to lớn | help (to) | purport lớn Many theories purport lớn explain growth in terms of a single cause. | be difficult to, be hard to It”s difficult khổng lồ explain exactly how the system works. | hasten khổng lồ She saw his quick frown và hastened khổng lồ explain. | let sb Let me explain what I mean.

PREP. about She tried to lớn explain about her fears và anxieties. | lớn She explained the plan khổng lồ me very carefully.

PHRASES explain everything I”ve got a letter here which explains everything. | go a long way/some way towards explaining sth This goes some way towards explaining the hostility between the two groups.

Từ điển WordNet



The committee explained their plan for fund-raising to lớn the Dean

English Synonym và Antonym Dictionary

explains|explained|explainingsyn.: answer clarify demonstrate illustrate show simplify solveant.: obscure

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