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exclude /iks"klu:d/ ngoại động từ quán triệt (ai...) vào (một địa điểm nào...); không cho (ai...) hưởng (quyền...) ngăn chận các loại trừ xua tống ra, tống rato exclude somebody from a house: xua đuổi ai ra khỏi nhà
loại trừexclude authority: quyền các loại trừexclude authorityquyền phòng chặn

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Từ điển Collocation

exclude verb

ADV. rigorously | altogether, completely, entirely, totally | not absolutely, not wholly The possibility of error cannot be absolutely excluded. | virtually | largely | permanently | apparently | clearly | automatically Unlawfully obtained evidence is not automatically excluded from a criminal trial. | necessarily | deliberately | explicitly, expressly, specifically | effectively By excluding children from pubs we are effectively excluding many parents. | systematically | unfairly

VERB + EXCLUDE attempt to, be designed to, purport to, seek lớn a clause that seeks to lớn exclude liability for death or serious injury | tend lớn tending to exclude certain groups from full participation in society

PREP. from Women were excluded from the council.

PHRASES feel excluded Many local people felt excluded from decisions that affected their own community.

Từ điển WordNet


lack or fail lớn include

The cost for the trip excludes food & beverages

English Synonym & Antonym Dictionary

excludes|excluded|excludingsyn.: bar forbid keep out outlaw prohibit reject shut outant.: include

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