Evolving là gì

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evolve into sth Over the past three years he has evolved into one of America"s most successful restaurant owners.
evolve from sth Many investment management companies have evolved from small entrepreneurial organizations.
Humans" evolved psychological architecture was designed to lớn produce inferences that were adaptive, not normatively logical.
Therefore, growth rates may increase over time simply because the initial and descendant cells are recovering from treatment rather than evolving.
Such micro-organisms might not only have survived, but gone on khổng lồ evolve their own independent, interlocking ecological system of predator-prey relations.
The phối of all initial conditions that ultimately evolve lớn a stable fixed point is called the basin of attraction of that fixed point.
Under this principle, over the 6 billion years that intelligence may have evolved in the universe, postbiologicals would vastly outnumber biologicals.
The pathway along which the biosynthesis và function of protein-associated oligosaccharides has evolved is therefore still unclear.
Anti-predator defence mechanisms may have evolved during the process that enabled these tadpole species to lớn occupy large permanent streams, which often shelter predatory fishes.
Any pair of agents can be related by considering the structured phối of computations performed by the first lớn evolve to lớn the second.
Patterns of movements which have evolved in relation to lớn specific technological skills may trương mục for differing degrees of structural symmetry in objects produced.





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