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evolve into sth Over the past three years he has evolved into one of America"s most successful restaurant owners.
evolve from sth Many investment management companies have evolved from small entrepreneurial organizations.
So it"s likely that 550 million years ago, the notochord evolved in chordates first, & then the skeleton evolved later.
& those mutations actually mimic the same kind of processes that happen in a much more macrocosmic, on a grand scale, when organisms evolve.
Then, if so, can we get them into budding lipid-bilayer vesicles called liposomes, forming protocells, perhaps able to lớn gather energy and evolve.
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yıllar içinde diğer canlı türlerinden türeyerek gelişmek, zamanla/yavaş yavaş/tedricen gelişmek, geliştirmek…

a thick cream made by heating milk then leaving it lớn cool so that the cream rises to the vị trí cao nhất in soft lumps, made especially in the south west of England

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