the ability to nội dung someone else"s feelings or experiences by imagining what it would be like to be in that person"s situation

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the ability to nội dung someone else’s feelings or experiences by imagining what it would be like to be in that person’s situation:
Lower levels of empathy may contribute lớn conflict in social interactions và thereby heighten levels of negative emotions experienced by some children.
The developmental literature points khổng lồ at least 6 levels of empathy emerging in succession, each expanding & adding lớn the repertoire of empathic potential.
The major focus of the 24- and 36-month visits is on parenting and toddler self-regulation (behavior problems, empathy, compliance, và internalization of parental rules).
Examples include empathy, flexibility, sensitivity và courage, precise qualities varying according to the individual.
Developing representations of possibilities for prosocial actions are also important in developing outcomes for empathy and guilt.
Moreover, peer play forces children to lớn reason about others" feelings, possibly serving as a chất lượng mechanism for empathy development.
In the present study we assess the third component, empathy, by children"s self-repor ts of affective response to social stimuli.

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Perspective-taking can also initiate a preverbal process (one hears about a familiar victim"s misfortune & imagines his facial expression, which triggers empathy).
Many respondents showed tremendous empathy for ex-combatants and emphasised that they would not normally commit atrocities.
and while she addresses them with empathy, she cannot give them voice, for they have never learned to speak for themselves.
It may be that the addition of sympathy, in the primitive sense of emotional contagion, lớn perspective taking is sufficient to constitute empathy.





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