Red Alert Online

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a game by Westwood
Genre: Strategy/War
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 2 Review, 5 đánh giá are shown
User Rating: 7.3/10 - 265 votes
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For many people Comm& & Conquer Red Alert 2 is classed as the best in the series & I would have sầu khổng lồ agree with that. With this game, they just got everything perfectly right. As far as real time strategy games go, even after all these years Red Alert 2 is one of my all-time favorites. It is more focused on the player having a fun experience than bogging them down with a bunch of useless game mechanics.


One War, Two Stories

The story that is told here can be played from the Soviet and Allied point of view. This time the Soviets are more dangerous than ever thanks to lớn Yuri. A psychic that they have sầu who has the ability khổng lồ control others. Yuri is a fantastic character, so much so he gets his very own expansion. However, here you get lớn use hyên ổn and also go up against hyên and it is very well done. The story has more than a few twists & turns along the way as well.

This Is What War Looks Like

At the time Comm& and Conquer Red Alert 2 was a fantastic looking game and in some ways, I vị feel that it holds up fairly well khổng lồ this day. The different maps are spread out all across the world ranging from Russia, France, & Hawaii. The buildings, tanks, planes & so on all have sầu a nice look to lớn them. The only thing I vị not like is that some of the maps have water và the water does not move! It looks super awkward and when everything else has a realistic look khổng lồ it, it stands out like a sore thumb.

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The voice acting is great. If you ask me, we were entering an age where voice acting was becoming better & better & this game has some very impressive sầu performances. I like the sound kiến thiết in general as explosions, tanks và everything else all have some real heft lớn their sound effects.

Making The Right Movies

Commvà và Conquer Red Alert 2 is still so popular to this day because of the gameplay. I can see some people thinking that this kind of real time strategy action is a bit simplified and in comparison, to lớn what some modern RTS games offer, it is. However, I feel that there is the perfect blover of resource management, resource gathering, action, and micro-managing in this game. It never feels too overwhelming, even when you are getting a real beatdown, you never 100 percent feel all is lost, & with the right move, you can make it happen.

I lượt thích khổng lồ focus on building as many tanks as I can, but it is really up to you in how you go about the game. Each mission in the campaigns has its own set of objectives and some are more fun than others, but that is lớn be expected. As well as the chiến dịch, you can play skirmishes against the AI or a buddy. The AI in skirmishes puts up way more of a fight than you would think.


There are some games that you have great memories of, but they vị not hold up all that well. Comm& và Conquer Red Alert 2 is not one of those games! I found this to lớn be just as much fun playing it now as it was back when it was released many years ago. If I had to lớn recommover just one game in the series, it would 100 percent be this one.


Two fantastic campaigns to play throughYuri is the best villain in the entire series The game is a great khuyến mãi of fun to playIt is not over complicated lượt thích many other RTS’s can beSome of the visuals hold up pretty well


I hate the way the water is still!Some might find it a tad simplistic compared khổng lồ a modern RTS game

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