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Lowell, Massachusetts, is noted for its diverse ethnic communities, amuốn them French-Canadians, English, Irish, Greeks, Poles, và Cambodians.
For those with a more quantitative inclination, diverse data on physical & psychological health & life satisfaction are reported.
Therefore, they must cope with the problem of representing very diverse lexical information at different levels of granularity, và store the information efficiently.
The reason we apply a unisize random number for rendering fractal is that it can create unique and more diverse forms.
For more diverse centres that were either semi-rural khổng lồ rural or from developing countries, heterogeneity remained.
The performances of all these works are very fine, the result of good preparation in live performance and sympathy with the very diverse styles involved.
Proteins can of course modulate the behavior of membrane lipids in diverse manners, & through a variety of types of interactions, both specific và non-specific.
We may, however, expect that a diverse multitude of actors (as pilgrims) would have been present around that day, perhaps even the king.

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Clearly, biological & psychological factors can both play a role in the pathways to lớn these diverse outcomes.
Our results suggest that these metabolites are involved in diverse signalling pathways such as calcium release và cell cycle signalling.
There, the absence of a reduplicative sầu morpheme is clear, as most of the words have only partial self-similarity, & their meanings are diverse.
Rather, poor pre-morbid work or social adjustment và poor course of illness were potent risk factors for diverse forms of disability in persons with psychosis.





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