A:“Eloquent” means especially fluent, formal or well-spoken.”Diligent” means conscientious or hard-working.

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Bài Viết: Diligent là gì

A:Examples: • Diligent workers take their time.• She listened diligently.• We all know he is a diligent writer.(Most people will just use the word ‘careful’.)A:Diligent means steady effort. John is a diligent worker.Prudent means wise, careful. It’s prudent to save sầu money in case of future hardships.A:Diligent its an adjective sầu that exposes extreme care about something done, for example a well done task (in working context) would be a diligent one. Meanwhile the meaning of earnest reside on how much conviction or pasion you put into somenthing. Both could be used lớn appeal someone”s work. Also diligent, can be used just to lớn magnifies somone”s desire khổng lồ acomplish somethig even if doesn”t fulfil its actual meaning, being used only as a compliment.A:Diligent means showing great care và working hard. For example “Sarah is diligently learning how lớn speak Japanese ” can imply patience.

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Patient means able khổng lồ accept problems or delays with out getting angry or upset. For example ” Sarah was patient helping her little brother”A:diligent” means working with careful attention khổng lồ detail in order lớn bởi a thorough job và not miss anything. “industrious” means working hard với being productiveA:“Hard-working” is the more general of the two, cùng it”s often used to refer khổng lồ people in work (e.g. earning a wage or salary). “Diligent” means that someone is hard-working cùng conscientious, but that person can be a pupil, student, parent — i.e. not necessarily someone who”s getting paid to vị something.

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