Deceive Là Gì

to persuade someone that something false is the truth, or to lớn keep the truth hidden from someone for your own advantage:

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to use dishonest or illegal methods khổng lồ get something or to lớn make people believe that something is true when it is not:
intention/intent lớn deceive A spokesman for the bank maintained that there had been no intent khổng lồ deceive.
and by taking away the threat of real consequences for bad behavior, they embolden corporations that are inclined khổng lồ mislead or deceive their customers.
He"s also showing that, basically, he is deceiving when he answers that question, because he can"t just spontaneously answer it.
But don"t let the new opening & the onscreen camera crews deceive -- the show is still doing the same thing it"s always done.
Many men online have their guard up when it comes to lớn photo galleries, due to the amount of people that attempt to deceive others online.
Actually in the above nhái stories there is a very dangerous & deceiving lie about the real blood và the wife.
It may dodge & weave, hide và deceive, take you down paths of love và history & inspiration, but it"s always about blue.
These examples are from corpora và from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples bởi vì not represent the opinion of the editors or of University Press or its licensors.

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