Continuum là gì

something that changes in character gradually or in very slight stages without any clear dividing points:

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In observational research in the general population, however, a continuum approach may be more useful than use of a qualitative sầu cut-off point.
Reconstructive procedures, however, lie along a continuum, without any clear boundary between therapeutic reconstructive surgery for a diagnosable problem and purely cosmetic surgery.
As the industrial process involves large shear stresses, fibres will slip over one another, & we assume the material khổng lồ be an anisotropic viscous continuum.
Moreover, because the invariant circle is an attractor, there exists a continuum of perfectforesight trajectories each leading khổng lồ the circle.
Over the past two decades, evidence supporting a continuum between oral & written language impairments has continued to lớn mount.
Under these conditions we consider it useful lớn think of one continuum with many strands, rather than orthogonal dimensions.
The opposing view- that dialects are organized in a continuum without sharp boundaries- is likewise popular.
Viewing seed postharvest physiology in terms of a continuum of behaviour is considered to be more realistic than attempting precise categorization.
Therefore, articles on risk reduction programs, screening programs, & rehabilitation programs were excluded, because these reports bởi vì not encompass the whole continuum of care.
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