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Bạn vẫn xem: Career move là gì

Bạn đang xem: Career move là gì





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career /kə"riə/ danh từ
nghề, nghề nghiệplớn choose a career: chọn nghề sự nghiệp (của một người); đời hoạt động; quy trình cải tiến và phát triển (của một đảng phái, một nguim tắc)at the kết thúc of his career: vào cuối đời hoạt động vui chơi của anh tawe can learn much by reading about the careers of great men: bọn họ tiếp thu kiến thức được không ít điều khi phát âm về sự việc nghiệp của những vĩ nhân tốc lực; sự chạy nhanh; sự lao nhanh; đà lao nhanhin full career: hết tốc lựclớn stop somebody toàn thân in mind career: ngăn fan làm sao lúc đã trong đà chạy nhanh (định ngữ), (trường đoản cú Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ) nhà nghề, bài bản (ngoại giao...)career man: tay nước ngoài giao nhà nghề nội rượu cồn từ chạy nhanh, lao nhanh chạy lung tungLĩnh vực: xây dựngsự nghiệp

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Từ điển Collocation

career noun

1 series of jobs that a person has

ADJ. long | brief, short | brilliant, distinguished, glittering, good, great, successful He had a distinguished career as a diplomat. | promising | flagging He did a film for Hollywood to boost his flagging career. | chosen She achieved a lot in her chosen career. | academic, acting, diplomatic, literary, medical, military, musical, political, sporting, teaching | playing, professional, recording, stage the album that launched his recording career

VERB + CAREER build, carve out, have, make, pursue He made a good career for himself in football. She pursued a successful career in medicine. | begin, embark on, launch, start (out on) young actors just starting out on their careers | boost | abandon, give sầu up | cut short, kết thúc, ruin, wrechồng a car crash which wrecked his career | resume | change

CAREER + VERB last sth, span sth Her stage career spans sixty years. | start, take off | be over, end

CAREER + NOUN careers advice/guidance/information, careers adviser/officer, careers service | break a career break lớn have children | advancement, development, ladder, path, progression a move sầu higher up the career ladder | choice, move a smart career move | opportunities, prospects, structure The profession has no clear career structure. | civil servant, diplomat, soldier | girl, woman

PREPhường. during/throughout your ~ She won many awards during her acting career. | ~ in a career in computers | ~ with a brilliant career with the Royal Ballet

PHRASES the peak/height of your career She was at the peak of her playing career when she injured herself. | a change of career

2 period of your life spent working/doing sth

ADJ. chequered, colourful, turbulent, varied He has had a somewhat chequered career. | school, working She started her working career as a waitress.


Từ điển WordNet



move headlong at high speed

The cars careered down the road

The mob careered through the streets

English Synonym & Antonym Dictionary

careers|careered|careeringsyn.: calling occupation profession trade vocation

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