Day one of Trump”s Senate impeachment trial has concluded. He was impeached on a charge of incitement of insurrection over the January 6 Capitol siege. The trial was deemed constitutional. Fifty-six senators voted yes while 44 voted no.

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WATCH: Lead impeachment manager Jamie Raskin chokes up speaking about burying his son a day before the Capitol attachồng

Raskin’s son died roughly a week before the Capitol riot. His daughter cùng son-in-law were with hlặng in Washington, DC, on the day of the insurrection.


GOP. senators slam Trump impeachment lawyer Bruce Castor’s ‘disorganized’ opening arguments

“I was perplexed by the first attorney, who did not seem khổng lồ make any arguments at all,” GOP Sen. Susan Collins of Maine said.


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Dominion lawyers say that attorney Sidney Powell ‘evaded’ being served with a lawsuit for ‘weeks’

The voting machine company said they needed lớn hire a private investigator cùng chase Powell across state lines khổng lồ serve her with a defamation suit.

Romney’s smart child allowance proposal is revealing why his Republican colleagues really oppose welfare



Meet 22 women who launched với led startups khổng lồ an IPO, an accomplishment few female founders have sầu ever reached

These women have founded cùng led public companies from Eventbrite khổng lồ BlackLine. Some are worth billions. Arif Janmohamed says great products are only one part of the equation — founders cùng their drives are equally influential when he evaluates startups.

The research lab where Tesla plans to lớn design a $25,000 oto will be up và running this year, executive sầu says

The new site will have over 20 labs với will be used khổng lồ produce Tesla’s next electric vehicle — a $25,000 electric car.

An epidemiologist is concerned that a highly contagious coronavirus variant could get a foothold in Floridomain authority thanks to lớn the Super Bowl

Cindy Prins, a public health expert said that Florida could see increased hospitalizations within weeks. The 2021 CX-30 is the lademo oto that Mazdomain authority turbocharged in the hopes of wooing a more upmarket buyer.

Andy Jassy will be Amazon’s next CEO. Here’s how advertisers think his AWS experience could boost its ad business.

Amazon’s own investors are reportedly telling the company khổng lồ stop pressuring warehouse workers who have sầu begun to lớn vote on forming the firm’s first union

A quant fund is looking khổng lồ hire high-ranking Wall Street Bets members as traders — và says a ‘refined taste for memes’ will help candidates

Work smarter not harder with Staples’ variety of discounted offerings on all things office cùng classroom.

At least 10 people charged in the Capitol siege are blaming Trump for their involvement in the attaông xã

Criminal law experts told Insider that the outcome of the trial could help Capitol rioters shift the blame to lớn Trump in their criminal cases. The “American Third Position” was an attempt to broaden the appeal of fascism by appearing to transckết thúc definitions of “left” và “right.”

WHO với Chinese scientists concluded it’s ‘extremely unlikely’ the coronavirus leaked from a lab, after a 4-week investigation

WHO experts spent weeks searching Wuhan khổng lồ determine the origins of the new coronavirut. They dismissed the idea that the vi khuẩn leaked from a lab.

THE AVOD ECOSYSTEM: As cord-cutting shifts the revenue Model of truyền thông media companies, the ad-supported streaming space is poised to lớn take off — here are the key players brands need to lớn know, với how to work with them

This report examines the expanding range of ad-supported OTT services in the US, including both không tính tiền cùng paid services; với how both consumers và advertisers are approaching them as contenders for their time và money.

Lyft CEO Logan Green predicts US will reach ‘critical immunity levels’ faster than many international markets

Lyft generates the vast majority of its revenue in the US, meaning its fate is largely tied lớn the country’s ability to lớn recover from the pandemic.

SentinelOne CEO says its $155 million acquisition of startup Scalyr gives his firm an opportunity beyond cybersecurity

SentinelOne CEO Tomer Weingarten says his $155 million acquisition of data-analytics startup Scalyr opens a new direction for his cybersecurity firm. We rounded up the best sales cùng đơn hàng happening trực tuyến đường today, with discounts on tech, clothing, home goods, mattresses, và more. Real estate often proves to be a lucrative sầu investment, offering immediate income với long-term appreciation. Here are six ways individuals can invest.

GOP.. Sen. Patriông chồng Toomey’s son poured money inkhổng lồ GameStop during the stock’s most volatile stretch — then sold out a day later as his father warned of a ‘bubble’ market

Sen. Pat Toomey, who sits on the Senate’s banking cùng finance committees, told Insider his son’s trades were “perfectly legal cùng non-controversial.”

UK BANKING CHANNEL FORECAST: How shifting consumer habits cùng the coronavirus pandemic are shaping future usage of và informing banks’ investments in branches, digital cùng thiết bị di động banking, ATMs, cùng điện thoại tư vấn centers

Insider Intelligence forecasts the growth or decline over the next five years of five key banking channels in the UK.

What khổng lồ know about the major public psychedelics companies, including a guide to lớn their business models cùng when they expect to lớn sell medications

Several psychedelics companies have gone public in the past year. Here are the frontrunners you need to know.

The company will use the funds for a new material that helps construct multistory buildings without steel as well as to partner with local builders.

We’re only ‘just scratching the surface’ on companies like 23andMe that bản đồ out our DNA. One analyst lays out what could take the industry to lớn the next level.

The future of consumer genomics lies in healthcare partnerships cùng drug development, according to lớn a new CB Insights report released last week.

How tech startup Brightloom is bringing the digital marketing power of Starbucks lớn restaurants cùng retailers who can’t afford millions on tech teams

The food tech startup, headed by Starbucks’ former digital chief, uses transaction data to lớn create personalized consumer marketing campaigns. The country’s hiring rate dropped lớn 3.9% from 4.2%. That’s the same cấp độ seen before the pandemic despite 10 million Americans looking for jobs.

‘Big Short’ investor Michael Burry blasts trading apps, calls Robinhood a ‘dangerous casino’

Burry criticized apps that turn investing into a game và sell their order flows to Wall Street firms. Amazon’s advertising outlook under Andy Jassy, advertising’s existential crisis, với entertainment companies have franchise fever.

Trump’s gone, but Biden is going to lớn lie. The truyền thông media still needs to lớn fact-bình chọn cùng dem& the truth.

Fact-checking Trump became a cottage industry unkhổng lồ itself. We need to lớn keep using those skills in the Biden era. We tested 23 dog deshedding, slicker, curry, và pin brushes as well as combs và grooming gloves. Here are the best dog brushes you can buy.

Trump was ‘borderline screaming’ cùng ‘deeply unhappy’ over his defense lawyers’ performance in his impeachment trial, per report

Former President Donald Trump particularly took issue with attorney Bruce Castor’s rambling opening remarks, according lớn CNN.

Fox News asks court khổng lồ dismiss $2.7 billion lawsuit over election conspiracy theories, saying it just offered ‘unquestionably newsworthy information’

The election công nghệ Smartmatic accused Fox News of irreparably harming the company với “damaging democracy worldwide.”

Trump’s attorney clashes with neighbors over whether to lớn evict the former president from Mar-a-Lago

Trump’s neighbors in Palm Beach are trying lớn bar him from keeping Mar-a-Lago as his permanent residence, saying a decades-old agreement forbids it.

Bill Cassidy, a Louisiamãng cầu Republican, flip-flops his previous vote cùng sides with Democrats cùng 5 in GOPhường lớn proceed with Trump impeachment

The GOPhường senator promised khổng lồ be an “impartial juror” after agreeing with Dems với five sầu other Republicans that impeaching Trump is constitutional.

Trump’s impeachment attorney was ruthlessly mocked by political figures on both sides of the aisle over his rambling opening statement

“There is no argument. I have no idea what he is doing,” Alan Dershowitz said of Bruce Castor Jr.’s remarks in the impeachment trial. Look baông chồng on decades of Black excellence with these biopics cùng documentaries based on African American artists, activists, athletes, và heroes. One night at Gillette Stadium, a military working dog accomplished what so many pass rushers have sầu failed lớn bởi vì. The top law school has an acceptance rate of just 7.3%. An admissions consultant và current student share how to lớn make your application stand out. The inteservice, a division of SpaceX, opened up preorders for its Starliên kết Kits. Here’s how khổng lồ get in line.

Marc Andreessen is blocking journalists from hearing hyên on Clubhouse, và experts say he’s within his rights

VC Marc Andreessen has a well-documented habit of blocking journalists from following him on social truyền thông. First Twitter, now Clubhouse.

The Ford Bronco Sport will offer accessory packages for skiing, biking, camping, với kayaking — see them all

The five sầu packages are Cargo, Camping, Snow, Bike, với Water. They can be ordered from the factory instead of third parties, which is convenient.

The game studio behind ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ với ‘The Witcher 3’ has been hacked, và the attackers are threatening to lớn release the source code khổng lồ both games

The game studio behind “Cyberpunk 2077” cùng “The Witcher 3” has been hacked, cùng the hackers are holding source code for its games as ransom.

Citizens Trust Bank review: Bank with a Black-owned company với choose from several checking accounts

You may lượt thích Citizens Trust Bank if you want a variety of checking accounts to lớn choose from, với if you qualify to lớn waive sầu monthly fees.

You can earn the Southwest Companion Pass with 3 new Chase credit thẻ offers, without the usual points requirement

The Southwest personal credit cards — Plus, Premier, cùng Priority — now offer a Southwest Companion Pass và 30,000 points until March 10, 2021. Ally’s high-yield savings trương mục offers a competitive sầu APY with no required initial deposit or minimum tài khoản balance, với there are no monthly fees.

The lachạy thử limited-time credit thẻ spending bonuses can boost your earnings in categories lượt thích groceries, streaming, và gas stations

Here are the most current promotions to help you use the right credit thẻ và maximize rewards in each category.

The Navy và its allies have ships that ‘vì quite well’ against Russia’s newest subs, top US admiral in Europe says

Quieter, more lethal Russian subs are a new challenge, but US và NATO navies are on top of it, the head of US Naval Forces Europe says. Digital banking platsize HMBradley’s hybrid savings cùng checking trương mục offers four tiers of interest rates với flexibility in how you use it. Work smarter not harder with Staples’ variety of discounted offerings on all things office với classroom.

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