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Today we are excited to lớn announce the All-Star Event will return to lớn the Esports Arena in Las Vegas from December 5th-7th. The 2019 All-Star Event is a celebration that brings the best professional players và the biggest personalities from League of Legends together for a three-day event featuring competitive sầu tournaments, charity events, & unique game modes. 

We’re also thrilled to lớn cốt truyện that the 2019 All-Star Event will feature a Teamfight Tactics (TFT) competition featuring top players và influencers. 

Last year, fans of each of our competitive leagues voted for 30+ pro players to attkết thúc the All-Star Event & represent their respective regions. Additionally, for the first time ever, the 2018 All-Star Event invited more than 60 members of the League of Legends Partner Program to compete against & alongside Pro Players in a variety of game modes and tournaments. 


The 2018 All-Star Event saw Caps from the LEC defeat Pabu from the OPL lớn win the 1v1 Tournament. 


A pool of approximately 64 All-Stars including:

2 pros from each esports region, as voted by fans6 pro player “All-Star Invitees”, chosen by Riot after the conclusion of the fan voteSome of the biggest and best TFT personalities from around the world

The All-Star Event is a celebration of the entire League community, & for the first time ever, we will be featuring multiple Teamfight Tactics matches with select members of the League Partner Program, Pro Players, và personalities from the global TFT community. These could be some of your favorite streamers, cosplayers, nội dung creators, & more. The full roster of partners who will be participating will be announced before the start of the sự kiện.

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We also want lớn make sure that it remains a globally inclusive sầu sự kiện that every tín đồ across the world can enjoy. For this reason, we’ll be bringing participants (both pros và partners) from all of our esports regions. Here’s how those pros will be chosen:

Fans will vote for two pros from their regional league to lớn sover lớn All-Star. Any pro who played in the most recent competitive split will be eligible; Fans may cast votes for other regions as well, though foreign votes will be weighted khổng lồ ảo diệu no more than 20% of the total vote within any given region; Top 2 vote-getters (regardless of team or role) in each region will be invited lớn participate at the All-Star Event; Standings updates will be provided on LoL Esports social channels and the voting site.

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Voting will be open for approximately a week. Keep your eyes on Lolesports.com and LoL Esports social accounts for exact start & end times of the voting period.



The All-Star Event creates a setting that celebrates both personalities lượt thích Tyler1 & legendary pros like Faker. 

With the addition of Teamfight Tactics, the 2019 All-Star Event promises to be an incredible sự kiện that will feature more members of the League community than ever before. We’re excited lớn celebrate an amazing year in League và League esports with fans from around the world. It’s bound khổng lồ be full of surprises including a few sneak peeks and spotlights of new League content. Stay tuned for more details.