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advisor /əd"vaizə/ (advisor) /əd"vaizə/ danh từ tín đồ khuyên bảo, tín đồ chỉ bảo, cầm cố vấnlegal adviser: cố kỉnh vấn pháp lý


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1.The person or company responsible for making investments on behalf of, and/or providing advice to, investors. 2. In the context of the mutual fund business, an advisor, also known as an investment advisor, is an organization employed by an investment company khổng lồ manage a particular fund"s portfolio. A fund"s advisor assigns a manager(s) khổng lồ make the day-to-day decisions involved in the purchase & sale of a fund"s securities according khổng lồ stated strategies & investment objectives.
1. It"s a good idea lớn choose an advisor carefully according to his or her professional credentials, experience và expertise. Fees and services provided are also important considerations.2. A fund"s advisor has the primary responsibility for the investment performance of the fund. This responsibility may be shared with another investment advisory firm, with each advisor focusing on different asset types in a portfolio. Advisors receive an annual management fee, which is computed as a percentage of a fund"s assets under management. The fee makes up a large portion ofa fund"s operating expenses. For fund investors, judging the chất lượng of a mutual fund"s portfolio management is one of the most important considerations for investing in a fund.
ADV FormAnalystBrokerCertified Financial Planner - CFPFinancial PlannerInvestment AdvisorInvestment Advisory Representative - IARNominated Advisor - NOMADRegistered Investment Advisor - RIA

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